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SEO and Major Purchases

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Buying a pool or hot tub is a major purchase. How does the price of the product affect online research before buying?

pool-in-a-smart-phoneHere are some findings from a study that looked at a major purchase (+$500) and online research.  As you can surmise - it matters.  Consumers take time to research a major purchase online before going to the brick-and-mortar store. 

This means it is critical to be found locally AND
your website must give them the information they require to purchase.

The survey and interviews, conducted by Rothstein Tauber, a marketing research company based in Stamford, Conn., explored the shopping habits of 3,220 consumers nationwide who had recently made purchases of $500 or more and were in the market for major items in 12 segments, including appliances, electronics, flooring, home furnishings and bedding, home improvements, jewelry, eyewear, power sports products and lawn and garden equipment. Obviously Hot Tubs, Spa and Pools are in the major items.  More than 2,200 of the participating consumers were GE Capital Retail Bank account holders and one third of respondents were random shoppers.

“We took a deeper look at how consumers use digital tools to approach a major purchase, including the role of mobile devices and preferred search engines, keywords and sites,” said Toni White, CMO of GE Capital’s retail finance business. “While online research plays a bigger role throughout the major purchase process, 60% of consumers start by visiting a search engine, then go to the retailer’s website, and ultimately, 88% made their final purchase in store.”

Other findings are:
  • Shoppers search for the following when they visit the retailer’s website (in order of importance): warranty information (66%), pricing (52%), specs/model information (51%), payment/financing information (47%), sales/discounts, availability and shipping information.
  • On average, consumers visited five unique retailers — at least three online merchants and two brick-and-mortar stores — before making their purchase.
  • The length of the purchase cycle and price are highly correlated.

Online Buying Trends

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97% of Consumers Use Online to Shop Locally, According to BIA / Kelsey report. 

coaching-for-page-one-resultsPool and Spa Dealers need to know: Nearly all consumers (97 percent) use online media when researching products or services in their local area, according to BIA/Kelsey’s. Among consumers surveyed, 90 percent use search engines, 48 percent use Internet Yellow Pages, 24 percent use vertical sites, and 42 percent use comparison shopping sites.  This shows the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site.  To be found by consumers, your site must be first be found and indexed by a search engine.  Our guidance and work will get you to page on on local searches.

“The data suggest we’re at an inflection point where the balance of power in local shopping is shifting to online” said Steve Marshall, director of research, BIA/Kelsey.

According to the study, consumers are using 7.9 different websites when shopping for products or services in their local area.  Other findings include:

58 percent of respondents report using an online coupon when shopping for products or services in their local area in the past year.
19 percent of respondents report making an appointment online in the past six months for a service other than a restaurant reservation (e.g., business appointment, health-care appointment, auto service or personal service such as a beauty shop).  This also could be a method to attract consumers to visit your shop.

“The challenge may be the targeting opportunities available with tools like coupon promotions and appointment scheduling, the latter being among the best lead sources possible, since you know where people are actually going.” said Peter Krasilovsky, vice president and program director, Marketplaces, BIA/Kelsey.

Our main take away is to be sure your website is found on the internet search engines.  That is a major task we do.  We get you found locally.

Big does not mean page one.

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How to make my site rank higher in traffic than a large national brand website.

Is this true?

No matter how great your content is, a large national brand will always have better traffic and than better ranking then your smaller site.

Matt Cutts, Google's head of search engines and spam, recently told us the truth about how site size impacts search ranking.

This Google Expert, Matt Cutts, disagrees with the concept that a national brand site always has higher traffic. While it's easy to feel daunted by your larger competitors, consider your area of business. If you can find ways to stand out from your competition by focusing your efforts on a particular niche.  The Pool & Hot Tub market is a great example of a niche that your competition may not be taking advantage.  Cutts and the rest of Google argue that your site can easily experience long-term benefits with a continual process.

Pool & Hot Tub Dedicated SEO Expert

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diving-through-hoopsYou Have a Dedicated Expert

A dedicated expert works with you every month to review your site, determine goals, set strategy, and optimize your websitesite.

Site Fix

Your Pool & Spa Dealership benefits by editing code and content on your website so search engines can find and rank your site

made in usa designed
Our team members
are Made in the U.S.A.
Link Building

Your site ranks better when external websites link back to you.  Our experts build relevant external links to your site so you can get to page one on search

Tangible Results

We guarantee more sales (we'll bring leads to you, you close them)

"Their diligence in working on our site has given us exactly what we wanted and our rankings in the top search engines is fantastic. They took all the ideas we had and exemplified them."

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Traffic Driver Service - Get More Sales

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Fitted to your budget: Monthly & Weekly Packages from $50/month to $500/month.

You need to be on PAGE ONE - We deliver.

google-logo-smallPool and Spa Dealer Marketing has proven techniques to help your business.  Technology is half of our skill set; the other have is our years of Marketing. 

We combine our marketing experience, our knowledge of the Pool & Spa industry, with our technical skills and deliver sales to grow your business. 

One Hot Tub manufacturer has generated over 1,000 leads from their website in only 8 months. We use "white hat" techniques, meaning they are accepted and promoted by Google and Bing as the "right" way to promote your site in their search engines.

bing-search-smallWe get you to page one on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  You have invested time, money and talent building your business.  We take your work and promote it with advanced tools and methods.  Because we work in your industry, we understand what is important to you and generate leads and new sales. 

Our Search Engine Optimization programs vary and can be configured to fit into your budget.  They are either weekly or monthly programs and range between $50 per month to $250 per month.   We match your business goals and objectives and convert them to internet ready web content and key words that work.

We get you to page one, and keep you there.

What do we do for you?
  • Weekly or Monthly Blogs - About your business, owner tips, buying tips
  • Weekly or Monthly CraigsList Ads - increases your contact requests
  • Search Engine Monitoring - we watch how you do
  • Internal / Structural Search Criteria (the geeks stuff)
  • Search Engine Placements
  • Google Ad Words - we are a certified Google Ad Agency - discounts available
  • Analytics Analysis - we keep current and you benefit

It works.

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Internet Marketing

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For your site, we perform these services
  • We have a method that will get you listed within your service area.  For example, we boost this type of search in Google: "Altamonte Springs Florida Hot Tubs"
  • Register your site with Google Local
  • Submit your site to 3 of the top search engines
We can also create a trust base eNewsletter marketing program to drive more traffic and improve customer relations (for their returning business).
Additionally we can perform advanced "white-hat" Search Engine Optimization steps to help you rank on Google/Bing/Yahoo and others. 
  • We place your site in Google Analytics,
  • Create a Blog with Spa & Pool articles giving your site more "authority" for your market
  • We have already analyzed key words for your market and can include them within the content of your site.
  • Place you on a number of reference and directory sites giving you link backs and improve your SERP
  • Develop monthly reports showing search results and suggestions for improvement

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Key Words

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To help get found from search engines, your site must contain relevant key words about your products and services.

Take a look at some of the key words that are important for your industry.